About Us

We are a club of some thirty radio yachting enthusiasts who race International One Metre (IOM) yachts every weekend throughout the year at Levenhall Links, adjacent to Musselburgh racecourse. Many of our members have graduated to radio sailing after gaining experience sailing full size yachts. Our club is affiliated to the Model Yachting Association and we participate and contribute to MYA events throughout Scotland.


Our sailing water is a purpose built boating pond set in peaceful surroundings beside a nature reserve. The pond provides some of the best sailing conditions for radio yachting in Scotland. We typically race from 1pm to 4:30pm on a Saturday afternoon, fitting in ten or so races in the day. Although we do not have a clubhouse, we have access to a container at the pondside where out buoys and dinghy are stored.


The One Metres that we sail belong to the most popular class of radio yacht. They are built to a simple rule that limits overall length and draft while setting limits on ballast and minimum overall weight. The consequence of this rule is that hull designs can vary enormously, though performance remains very similar. Each yacht has three ‘one design’ rigs that are changed according to the wind strength. This means that we can race in conditions ranging from a flat calm up to force 6. Skippers use radio control to alter the trim of the sails and the rudder, exactly the same as in full size sailing yachts. Racing is conducted according to the same rules as full size sailing, though control is from the bank rather than from within the yacht.


As well as racing yachts, our club members have interests in building and even designing radio yachts. Thus there is a wealth of experience within the club to help new members to get started in radio sailing – choosing and purchasing a yacht, setting up  for sailing, repairs and renovation and tips on racing.